J-Safran : téléchargement

New ! Please go here to download, install and test JSafran in a single click, thanks to Java Web Start !

JSafran comes in different flavors, depending on your needs.
The most basic installation only requires you to put jsafran.jar in a new, empty directory.
You might also want to put the configuration file: jsynats.cfg in the same directory which is very useful when you want to define your own labels, etc.
This configuration file is also required for automatic parsing/tagging.

You can then run JSafran by double-clicking on jsafran.jar, or using/adapting the jsafran.sh script.

Source code (distributed under GIT version control):
git clone http://rapsodis.loria.fr/jsafran/jsafran.git jsafrangit

All the code is licensed under the Cecill-C licence (kind of L-GPL).

Note: in order to compile the source code, you will have to download all files above
You will then have to move the src directory (from git) into the same directory as from above